• The company is in charge of the design and construction of the S19 and S7 expressways, which combine over 22Km

ACCIONA, in consortium with its Polish subsidiary Mostostal Warszawa, has been awarded the design and construction of a 10,3Km stretch of the country’s S19 Expressway, from the Rzeszów Południe junction until Babica, in southeast Poland. The value of the contract amounts to PLN2.23 billion (€500 million).

Furthermore, ACCIONA's Polish subsidiary has also signed the contract for the design and construction of the 12Km road between Zaluski and Modlin airport (near Warsaw) for PLN635 million (€142 million).

The S19 will be one of the most technologically advanced infrastructure works in the country. Its construction will involve operating a tunnel boring machine that measures over 15 meters in diameter, which will be used to develop of a 2 kilometer-long underground double tunnel, reaching a maximum depth of 70 meters.

For its part, the S7 will involve the construction of a three-lane 12Km highway, as well as two junctions and additional parallel service roads. During the project, two lanes will be maintained in each direction to minimize any inconvenience for drivers.


These new awarded works give ACCIONA's construction activity in the country an important boost. In Poland, the company has become - directly or through its subsidiary Mostostal Warszawa – one of the most renowned specialist companies in the design and construction of Poland's main roads.

Recently, again in consortium with Mostostal Warszawa, ACCIONA started the construction of the 11.5Km stretch between Nisko Południe and Podgórze of the S19 itself, worth PLN272.5 million (€60 million). ACCIONA and Mostostal Warszawa are also developing the 15.3Km Stalowa Wola bypass, a project valued at PLN200 million (€44 million), which has now reached over 50% completion.

Mostostal Warszawa, recently signed the contract for the design and construction of the Zegrze Pomorskie-Klanino section of Poland’s S11 highway, which will connect the central coast of the Baltic with Upper Silesia through Wielkopolska or Greater Poland, one of the country’s 16 provinces. This project covers 19.28Km and is worth PLN478.3 million (€105 million).

Twenty years of experience

ACCIONA has been operating in Poland since 1999, through its subsidiary Mostostal Warszawa, one of the country's largest construction companies. Over the last twenty years, ACCIONA - directly, in consortium or through Mostostal Warszawa - has participated in the construction of Poland’s most important bridges, such as the Siekierkowski and Redzinski bridge in Wroclaw, and has also built key highway sections, stations, underground tunnels and residential and commercial buildings.

In addition, ACCIONA has three wind farms in the country, which have a combined capacity of 101MW. ACCIONA also holds a strong position in the Polish real estate market, where it has delivered more than 1,750 homes in Warsaw to date.

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