We guarantee access to 100% clean and renewable energy

Energy use and generation emit 74% of emissions that contribute to global warming.

We ensure access to clean water

Bringing design and innovation excellence to our leading water services and plants.

Transport infrastructure

Creating interconnected cities via the construction of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels and special structures.

Promoting a circular economy

Addressing waste management from a circular economy perspective.



ACCIONA is a leading group for sustainable infrastructure solutions and renewable energy projects around the world. The company therefore presents itself as an expert in designing a better planet, offering answers to sustainable infrastructure, water and energy needs with solutions that are innovative, responsible and generate real progress based on an unusual, alternative way of doing business.

Other businesses

We carry out other types of business that are detached from our main activity of building sustainable infrastructure, such as financial services for fund management and stock brokerage through Bestinver or the production of high quality wines with Grupo Bodegas Palacio 1894.