Half of the human population lives in cities, the main spaces of social and economic progress in the world. However, overpopulation and the climate emergency are pushing humans to rethink these spaces. The time has come to transform our cities into sustainable, smart and inclusive spaces, thus shaping a better planet.


ACCIONA addresses waste management from a circular economy perspective.


Cities that guarantee present and future generations well-being

In the face of the climate emergency, interconnected strategies that turn cities into fully sustainable and habitable well-being spaces are needed. ACCIONA is addressing this need by creating long-term sustainable urban infrastructure solutions.

In order to create sustainable habitable cities we provide the tools needed to address the world's most pressing issues. The company is working to address:

  • Circular economy: Waste management and recovery
  • Electric and shared mobility
  • Resilient infrastructure and transport
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Increase of green areas

Transforming waste into renewable energy

ACCIONA seeks to accelerate the implementation of a circular economy model that focusses on taking care of the resources used and how they are produced. In order to extend their useful life in a scenario where reusing, reducing and recycling are seen as essential to preventing the collapse of the human productive model.

ACCIONA develops technology that transforms waste into energy, reducing the amount of waste in landfills by using it to generate renewable energy. One of the company's flagship waste to energy projects is the Kwinana waste treatment plant (near Perth), Australia's first large-scale waste to energy plant.

ACCIONA also built and now operates the Ness Energy plants in Scotland and East Rockingham in Australia. The company also has share capital in the plant in Australia. In total, these three plants will eliminate up to 850,000 tonnes of urban waste per year and produce up to 619 MWh of clean electricity.

Key figures


tons of urban waste eliminated per year


homes built in Spain, Mexico, Portugal and Poland

35 %

greenhouse gas reduction

by our waste recovery plants