Sustainable development is about building the infrastructure that connects progress. Smart motorways, for example, have emerged due to the urgent need to respond to challenges such as climate change and overpopulation. Such infrastructure is the product of a new era in which people and the planet are the priority.


ACCIONA is helping to shape the future of smart motorways and roads thanks to its experience, technical expertise and focus on sustainability, which it makes available to the progress of the communities in which its road projects are carried out.

The company is promoting a new era of infrastructure that is of vital importance to the sustainable agenda, as the latest technological advances in engineering are directed towards designing projects that ensure that social progress is compatible with the protection of the planet.

ACCIONA participates in every phase of motorway construction projects, providing solutions conceived by its engineers at the company's technological innovation centres. Sustainable solutions inspired by the circular economy and the continuous search for process efficiency.

Key figures

+5,000 km

of road built in more than 25 countries

+15 awards

for innovation and sustainability over the past 5 years

Roads against climate change

Global warming, accelerated by the human race, is driving technological evolution on motorways as we attempt to make them more resilient and to adapt them to the most devastating effects of this phenomenon.

ACCIONA, with a commitment to fighting climate change that forms an integral part of its corporate philosophy, is designing smart roads driven by the interconnected concepts of sustainability, innovation and the circular economy:

  • Roads with recycled surfaces: reduced resources and waste. The company reuses natural or excavated materials to create subsequent features that form part of the construction project, such as embankments, concrete or pavements. Its leading position in 3D printing enables it to produce building materials and components directly at the work site.


  • "Talking" roads: Smart road sensors collect data that will improve maintenance, increase traffic efficiency and increase driver safety.
  • Roads with a lower environmental impact: When implementing its motorway projects, ACCIONA gives priority to environmental studies that aim to reduce transport emissions and minimise the impact on the work site.


  • Roads and the BIM model: ACCIONA applies BIM models and data architecture to digitise the design, construction and operation of infrastructures. The BIM simulates the actual construction process and ensures that information is updated.


  • Roads and drones: The company uses drones to create 3D terrain models, track motorway construction projects and inspect infrastructure and facilities.