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We are the biggest global operator exclusively dedicated to renewable energies, with no links or legacy related to fossil-fuel technologies.

The company generates clean energy in many technologies including; wind, solar PV, solar thermal, hydro and biomass. ACCIONA Energía is the largest 100% clean energy company in the world and leader in the global ranking of Energy Intelligence's Top 100 Green Utilities since 2015.

The company offers reliable and efficient solutions based on the most advanced technologies in the field of green energy infrastructure. This also includes the sale of electricity from 100% renewable origin in the electricity markets and through bilateral contracts with large customers, with special focus on corporations that want to reduce their carbon footprint. 

ACCIONA Energía has developed its own wind turbine-generator technology, which capped its success by agreeing to merge with the German company Nordex in 2016, creating a global leader in turbine manufacturing. In parallel, ACCIONA Energía became the biggest shareholder in Nordex, thus maintaining its presence throughout the wind energy value chain. 

When it comes to renewable energy infrastructure in Australia, the company has made significant investments in wind energy in particular. ACCIONA Energía in Australia has a total installed wind capacity of 600 MW and is currently constructing a 1GW wind farm in Queensland, which will be the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Our green energy infrastructure projects are helping to transition Australia to a low carbon economy, whilst providing future job growth and economic benefit to the communities where we operate. These projects also contribute to Australia meeting renewable energy targets and SDG 7: access to affordable and clean energy. 

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Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability is a core principle at ACCIONA Energía. We are fully committed to delivering optimal energy solutions that contribute to decarbonising the economy and fostering a positive environmental impact, ensuring sustainable development. Our Sustainability Report highlights our key initiatives in this realm, solidifying our position as a leader in sustainability.

Annual Report 2022

The main aim of this Integrated Report 2022 is to outline how we can provide solutions to the needs of today’s society and describe the thrilling future that awaits us in terms of growth, potential and opportunities.

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