A large renewable energy facility

A 1,026-MW wind power complex in Queensland (Australia), planned by 2024

With a total investment of AU$1.96 billion, the 1,026MW MacIntyre Wind Farm Precinct will be ACCIONA’s biggest renewable energy facility and one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world. Developed in partnership with CleanCo, the Queensland Government’s newest renewable energy generator, the wind farm is expected to be operational in 2024.


The MacIntyre Wind Farm will be constructed on land predominately used for sheep farming.  Current farming practices will continue during the construction and operations phases of the wind farm. The site has been selected due to its exposure to consistent winds across this part of the country and provides a suitable resource for the development of a wind farm.


By greening Queensland's electricity mix, the MacIntyre wind complex will help the state meet its decarbonisation commitments and climate change mitigation strategies. The scale of the MacIntyre project makes it one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world today.


  • Location: South-West of Warwick, Queensland, Australia
  • Capacity: 1,026 MW
  • Wind turbine: Nordex Delta 4000-N163/5.7
  • Completion date: 2024
  • Owner: ACCIONA (923.4 MW) and CleanCo (102.6 MW)
  • Project configuration: 180x5.7 MW turbines
  • Tip Height: up to 285 metres


  • Total investment of AU$1.96 billion (€1 billion)
  • Consisting of 180 cutting-edge technology wind turbines
  • Enough clean energy to power about 700,000 homes
  • Boosting Queensland government's decarbonisation strategy
  • Scheduled to begin construction in 2021 and become fully operational in 2024
  • Nearly 3 million tons of CO2 avoided per year
  • Up to 400 jobs will be generated over the life of the project
  • Result in the establishment of a Community Enhancement Program to strategically deliver added value to the local regional over the life cycle of the project
  • Provide significant economic activity across the Goondiwindi, Southern Downs and Toowoomba Regional Council areas
  • Local spend during construction is expected to exceed AU$500 million
  • ACCIONA’s sixth wind farm in Australia, which will bring its total owned capacity in the country up to 1,521 MW

Key figures


megawatts (MW) of capacity


households supplied


latest technology wind turbines


millions of tons of CO2 avoided


new jobs


million € of investment in local supplies

Our opportunitues


There are many roles that will be available through all stages of the project – from the planning, through to construction and operations phases.

Our employment section is the best place to look for specific vacancies as they become available. If you don’t see a suitable vacancy to apply at this time, we encourage you to upload your CV.


ACCIONA is committed to supporting local industry participation and is encouraging local suppliers and contractors that are interested in conducting business for the project to register through the ICN Gateway – MacIntyre Wind Farm Project page.

If you would like to register your interest directly with ACCIONA's Procurement Team, please send your details and qualification information to procurement.aeag@acciona.com.

Please include MacIntyre Wind Farm in the email title.



ACCIONA develops a sustainable business model based on generating shared value and trust with a long-term commitment to its stakeholders.

Continuous communication and dialogue serve as the foundation for ACCIONA’s relationship with our stakeholders, and one such way we look to promote ongoing communication is through the establishment of project Community Engagement Committees.

The MacIntyre CEC provides a forum for open dialogue between the company and representatives of the local community; and stakeholder groups on issues and opportunities directly relating to the wind farm project.

If you would like to raise any matters with a CEC member, please contact one of the member below:

CEC MemberLocationEmail

Jo Sheppard, Chair


David Bartlett


Trudi Bartlett


Michelle Conkas


Lloyd Hilton


Susie Kelly


Graham Parker


Joel Richters



EMM Consulting have been engaged to conduct a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) as part of the planning process for the MacIntyre Windfarm Precinct. Whilst an SIA is not required for the approval of the windfarms, we have chosen to engage EMM Consulting to conduct an independent assessment of the possible benefits and impacts of the project to the surrounding community during its construction and operational phases. The assessment will provide a comprehensive overview of the local communities, their needs, and aspirations. These will inform a Social Impact Management Plan that will focus on minimising impacts while maximising the benefits of the project on local communities. 

A Social Impact Assessment aims to:

  • describe the existing social conditions and demographic profile of the local communities
  • identify and assess the extent and nature of potential social risks
  • evaluate the significance of the social impacts and benefits arising from the project
  • provide mitigation recommendations to reduce the negative social impacts and enhancement measures for significant positive impacts
  • develop a monitoring and management framework

How can you get involved in the SIA?

We are committed to working with the community to understand your views, interests and what is important to you.

From October to November 2020 EMM Consulting will conduct a range of engagement activities with community groups, members, and interested stakeholders, to better inform the Social Impact Assessment.  This will include a range of in-depth interviews, workshops and online surveys.

If you would like to access the on-line survey, click on the link here.

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