• The Workplace Group Project component of ACCIONA’s 2020 Graduate Program kicked off in May, but it looked a little different to what we had envisaged.

The purpose of the group project is to help prepare our graduates with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career with ACCIONA and within the broader industry.

Another important aspect is understanding how to work collaboratively with your cohorts to achieve a mutual goal.

ACCIONA’s Training Manager Carolyn Vo said it was exciting to see all the participants come together despite the current circumstances. “Working collaboratively in a virtual way will add an extra challenging layer as they start working together on their group project.”

The graduates will meet regularly for the next few months to research and complete a case study that addresses real ACCIONA challenges, with the support of their project sponsor, Guillem Clemente, Head of Commercial and Strategy.

Engineers Australia is a support network for our graduates, providing training and expertise to assist their journey to becoming globally chartered engineers.

Our 2020 Graduates are Eli Dennis-Singh, Elizabeth Laurence and Matthew Dimopoulos.

ACCIONA Academy is the gateway to the Graduate Program. More information about the Academy can be found here: https://academy.acciona.com/