• Initially, the company will introduce 300 motorcycles in the city, which will be powered by 100% renewable energy
  • As part of its international growth strategy, ACCIONA has also doubled the number of units available in its Lisbon service

ACCIONA has launched its shared electric motorcycle service in Milan, offering an initial fleet of 300 scooters, a number that will increase throughout the year. All units will be supplied with renewable energy.

This move represents a key step in the international growth strategy of ACCIONA’s motosharing service. As well as the introduction of the service in Milan, the group has also doubled the number of available units in the same service it operates in Lisbon (Portugal) to 500.

These new motorcycles are an addition to the already 7,000 units offered in the five Spanish cities that the service has been operating in (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza) and the initial 250 in operation in Lisbon.  

ACCIONA's service in Milan covers an area of 30Km2 (within the city’s so-called Cerchia filoviaria 90/91) and will be available 24/7. In addition, the motorcycles will be able to circulate around the metropolitan area of the city.

In line with ACCIONA's ongoing commitment to decarbonization, the motor sharing service’s APP provides information on the CO2 emissions that users can avoid by choosing these shared motorcycles over conventional private vehicles.

The expansion in Lisbon comes after the service was introduced in May 2019. The company decided to add an extra 500 scooters to the city’s fleet to respond to the growing demand. So far in the Portuguese capital, ACCIONA’s motorcycles have avoided the emission of 850 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the equivalent of more than the emissions from 800 cars a day.


How the service works

The 125cc scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries and offer two driving modes: the Standard "S" mode, with a speed of up to 50 Km/h for city use; and the Custom "C" driving mode, which can reach 80 Km/h and is recommended for fast lanes.

The service offers a “pause” feature, which allows clients to park their scooter in order to retain control at a very low price. This feature is available both inside and outside the established area for the start and end of journeys.

Once registered on ACCIONA's mobility APP, users are shown the exact location of the motorcycles that are available for reservation.

Consumers can drive and pause their journeys for up to six hours in any part of the city, bearing in mind that all trips must be finalized in the designated and authorized areas.

ACCIONA’s entrance into the electric vehicle sharing sector showcases the company’s know-how in developing sustainable solutions in infrastructure an transport.



ACCIONA has been present in Italy since 1999 and has offices in Milan and Rome, with a combined total of 400 employees.

The company has executed works in the country of great significance. These include the railway crossing between Bologna and the high-speed Milan-Naples line, the expansion works on Fiumicino airport (western satellite building) in Rome, the construction of the Food and Agriculture Market, also in the capital, the sanitation and maintenance of water treatment plants in the Tuscany region, and the sanitation of water networks in the Puglia region.

ACCIONA's main business focus, however, is on wind power. In addition, ACCIONA is present in the Italian water market, offering services to more than 2.5 million people.


ACCIONA is a global group that develops and manages sustainable infrastructure solutions, especially in renewable energy. It business spans the entire value chain, from design and construction through to operation and maintenance. ACCIONA’s goal is to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy, bringing technical excellence and innovation to all of its projects to design a better planet. With a presence in more than 65 countries and sales of €7.510 billion in 2018, the company is committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates.www.acciona.com