The overpass, built with a minimum clearance of 6.5 metres, will allow the passage of large mining company trucks

The completed project joins others that ACCIONA has built in Australia. The overpass at the Pumicestone road interchange over the Bruce Highway is located 50 km north of the city of Brisbane.

The main characteristic of the recently finished overpass is its minimum clearance of 6.5 metres. This is in response to demands by mining companies operating in the region and the need to allow the passage of large trucks on the highway.

The new overpass also has facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, and it also improves communication between the highway and local roads. It is made from prefabricated girders with four (4) spans. Its total length is 100 m and a width of 20 m. It has been built on the north side of the old bridge, which will be demolished.

The Pumicestone overpass is the latest in a series of infrastructure works built along the Bruce Highway to provide a solution to needs arising from increased levels of traffic.