• The contract, with a budget of close to €23 million, will improve the building's accessibility and functionality as well as optimising space for parking

ACCIONA, in a joint venture with Rogasa, has been awarded a contract by the Spanish Central Tax Agency (AEAT) to refurbish the building that is to be the headquarters of the agency's Large Taxpayer Unit.

The contract, worth €23 million, is to be completed in 30 months. It will make the building more accessible and enhance its functionality.

The building chosen to house the headquarters of the AEAT's Large Taxpayer Unit is located in western Madrid, on calle Guzmán el Bueno 137; until 2009, it housed the headquarters of the National Lottery and the Customs Agency. The building is currently in disuse and its interior has been demolished.

The contract awarded to the ACCIONA joint venture consists of comprehensive upgrading of this state-owned building, built more than 50 years ago, to conform to the current code. The stairs and elevators will be relocated in order to optimise their use and comply with the fire regulations.

Other work to enhance the building's usability include converting the basement into a private parking garage for building users, avoiding excavation work, and building additional office space in the existing patios.

All this work will be performed in accordance with the Madrid building code and will not affect the building's essential parameters; in particular, the facade and the structure of five floors will remain unaltered.