A global partner of Homeward Bound

As global partners of Homeward Bound, we are promoting a new edition that will culminate in the largest female expedition to Antarctica. The expedition will bring together 1,000 scientists from 35 countries and also coincides with the celebration of the bicentenary of the discovery of Antarctica.

Since our incorporation as a global partner three years ago, we have facilitated the participation of 400 women in the program. The aim of Homeward Bound is to create, within 10 years, an international network of 1,000 professionals working in different areas of the STEM (science, tech, engineering, math and medicine) disciplines to collaborate in projects in diverse scientific and geographical fields.

The one-year initiative includes training programs with specialist mentors in leadership, strategy, communication and visibility, based on an evaluation of personal development. The mentors selected for HB04 include world-renowned figures such as the architect of the Paris Agreement, Christiana Figueres, primatologist Jane Goodall, and Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO and president of the Global Fund for Women.

Homeward Bound also promotes the generation of networks among the participants of the expedition in the same and previous editions, so that personal and professional bonds are established to enrich teamwork and generate new proposals to implement the leadership tools acquired during the program.
The culmination of the exchange of information, conclusions, projects and challenges will take place during the three week trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, in which the expedition will visit various scientific bases to gather information on the ground about the impact of climate change on the white continent, a thermometer of how global warming is affecting the Earth.
We are supporting the 4th edition of Homeward Bound (HB04), the international female scientists' leadership program for tackling the climate crisis.