Jesus Salinas Quintana - Chief Financial Officer at Acciona

Jesus Salinas Quintana, Chief Financial Officer

Jesus leads ACCIONA Energía's Finance activities in Australia. Jesus is a strategic and financial planning expert, with a broad experience across all aspects of Finance. His career has spanned sustainable project finance, ESG and corporate green loans, cash management, cost control and budgeting, mergers & acquisitions, business development and risk management.

Dmitry Danilovich - Director Development - Acciona

Dmitry Danilovich, Director Development

Dmitry leads ACCIONA Energía's Development activities in Australia. With over 20 years of experience in the Australian energy sector with a range of renewable energy technologies, as well as battery storage, renewable/fossil fuel hybrids, energy efficiency, and hydrogen.

Jo Stone - Director Operations

Jo Stone, Director Operations

Jo leads ACCIONA Energía's Operations activities in Australia. Jo is responsible for devising and implementing the strategic direction of our renewable energy assets. With over 25 years’ experience in the private sector across energy, construction and engineering consultancy, Jo brings a wealth of knowledge in managing assets.

Andrew Tshaikiwsky, Director Engineering & Construction

Andrew is an engineering professional with over a decade of experience in project management, specialising in construction and renewable energy. He has worked for ACCIONA Energia for many years in various roles including project director of the MacIntyre Wind Farm, a 1GW renewable energy project and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.


Caroline Bommes, General Manager Brand & Marketing

Caroline leads ACCIONA Energía's Marketing & Communications activities and is a senior B2B marketing leader with extensive experience in developing global brands to generate local impact. Caroline combines commercial nous and customer-focused creativity to achieve strategic change and has worked in multiple sectors including engineering, energy and technical services.

Graeme Cook - General Manager Safety & Compliance - Acciona

Graeme Cook, General Manager Safety & Compliance

Graeme leads ACCIONA Energía's Safety & Compliance activities in Australia. Graeme is responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), Risk and Compliance, and UJV Management. Graeme has a wealth of senior leadership experience covering safety regulation and other regulatory management, risk and compliance, emergency management, market reform projects across Australia and Ireland.

Jane Campbell, General Manager Human Resources

Jane leads ACCIONA Energía's Human Resource activities in Australia. Jane is an experienced human resource professional with 20 years’ experience across all functions of Human Resources, and has been working at ACCIONA for 14 years.

Andrew Crawford - Acciona

Andrew Crawford, General Counsel

Andrew leads ACCIONA Energía's legal activities in Australia. Andrew is an experienced legal professional with over 20 years’ experience, and has been working at ACCIONA for 12 years.