• Publicly owned energy company Stanwell Corporation has signed a 15-year, 380-Megawatt Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ACCIONA Energía to purchase 100 per cent of the output from its planned Aldoga Solar Farm, 20 km north-west of Gladstone.

The contract encompasses the supply of all the renewable electricity produced at the photovoltaic plant Aldoga (380MW), currently under development and located 20 kilometers north-west of Gladstone on the central Queensland coast.

The Aldoga Solar Farm is strategically situated within the Gladstone State Development Area (SDA), which was established by the Coordinator General, and on land developed by the Queensland Government’s Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

This innovative solar farm stands as a significant milestone in the Queensland Government’s commitment to renewable energy targets, playing a pivotal role in harnessing clean and sustainable power sources to achieve the region’s renewable energy goals.

“Queensland is one of ACCIONA Energia’s preferred destinations for investment. In the global competition for energy projects Queensland stands tall with a highly skilled workforce, good regulatory processes and held together by a well thought out Energy and Jobs Plan,” said ACCIONA Energia Managing Director Brett Wickham.

“Queensland’s energy transition is well underway. With 100% of the power from ACCIONA Energia’s Aldoga Solar Farm supplied to Stanwell we’re helping to reduce power prices and carbon emissions across the sunshine state.”

Stanwell plans to use the energy from Aldoga to supply its green hydrogen project, Central Queensland Hydrogen (CQ-H2), which is expected to enter commercial operations in 2028.

Aldoga will play a pivotal role in providing access to clean and sustainable power sources in Queensland, and it is a significant milestone in the State Government’s commitment to renewable energy targets.

This new deal between ACCIONA Energía and Stanwell Corporation follows a previous PPA signed in 2022 for the supply of renewable energy from the MacIntyre Wind Farm, and it is also another example of the company’s commitment to advancing Queensland’s decarbonization.

“Stanwell has set out an ambitious strategy for what we will achieve as a business between now and 2035 and a key component of our strategy is to drive the development of Queensland's hydrogen industry. Our agreement with ACCIONA to secure the output of the Aldoga Solar Farm is a key milestone for us, as the Central Queensland Hydrogen Project undertakes its Front End Engineering Design Study and progresses to Final Investment Decision,” said Stanwell Corporation CEO Michael O’Rourke.

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