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The Aldoga Solar Farm, a proposed 600MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) facility, is to be located approximately 20 km north-west of Gladstone on the central Queensland coast.

The Aldoga site will be EDQ’s flagship renewable energy project and is part of the Queensland Government’s Advancing our cities and regions strategy, which aims to renew and repurpose underutilised state land to generate jobs and drive economic growth.


The substantial scale of this project will also contribute significantly to the Queensland Government’s target of achieving 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.


ACCIONA has signed an agreement to lease the land from Economic Development Queensland for the purposes of constructing and operating the Aldoga Solar Farm for a period of 30 years.


  • Location: Aldoga, near Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
  • Expected Capacity: Up to 600 MWp
  • Project Value: A$0.5 Billion
  • Anticipated construction commencement: A construction start date is yet to be determined, but it is currently anticipated that initial works will happen onsite in 2022
  • Anticipated construction duration: 18 months

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Future development of the site would include solar PV modules, module mounting/tracking systems, inverters, step-up transformer and on-site substation, access tracks, construction compound (temporary), underground cabling and permanent monitoring equipment (e.g. met stations).

An overhead electrical transmission line will extend from the site’s substation to the nearby Powerlink 275kV Larcom Creek Terminal Station. The transmission line is likely to be contained within an existing Powerlink easement from the solar farm to the Terminal Station.

On 27 May 2019, in accordance with section 84E of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971, the Coordinator-General approved the development application for the Aldoga Solar Farm Project. 

On 19th July 2021, ACCIONA submitted a State Development Application (SDA) MCU to the Coordinator General, Department of State Development of Tourism and Innovation (DSDTI) to facilitate the development of a larger solar farm that utilises additional land. This will allow for the additional solar photovoltaic capacity to increase from 480MWp to 600MWp.

We see strong potential for growth in demand for renewable energy in QLD, given the proposals for green hydrogen projects in Gladstone.

It is expected that the proposed solar farm development will comprise approximately 1,000,000 solar PV modules. The final layout of solar arrays and associated infrastructure is subject to ongoing detailed design investigation and development.


The Aldoga Solar Farm brings significant economic activity with a positive effect on the Gladstone region.

  • Generate a construction peak workforce of up to 350 jobs

  • Provide up to 10 ongoing full-time positions on site once operational

  • Result in the establishment of a Community Benefits Sharing Plan to strategically deliver added value to the local region over the life cycle of the project

  • Provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy for the region, with clean energy equivalent to the consumption of around 222,000 homes annually


ACCIONA is committed to supporting local industry participation and is encouraging local suppliers and contractors that are interested in conducting business for the project to register your interest via the email address below.

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