• Currently working on the Mortlake South Wind Farm project on professional placements with John Beever Australia, Chester Bartolaba, Emerson Hicks and Maia Wallace recently reflected on their experiences.

‘Versatile’ and ‘dynamic’ were words Emerson used to describe a typical day in the life of an undergrad engineer.

“No two days are the same as the job progresses. There are always new tasks to be completed, both in quality and project management – the days are forever changing and come with their own challenges we learn to overcome.”

Every project has its obstacles, but the ability to confront them is testimony to the competency of these undergrads.

“One of the greatest challenges that I continuously came across on site was being able to confidently make decisions, especially when questioned by someone with more experience,” said Maia.

“The best way to overcome this was discussing it with my team, reviewing the specifications and regularly exposing myself to situations that strengthen my credibility as an engineer.”

Transitioning into a new company can be a daunting experience, but the ongoing support and guidance from mentors has made the experience a gratifying one.

“The whole team have been great mentors. With no prior experience in the construction industry, I can say it has been a very easy transition,” said Chester.

“A shout out to Ben di Mieri, our assigned buddy, who has taken us under his wing and is always willing and eager to help.”

Project Manager Ninna West explained their value to the project.

“All three jumped straight into site life, rolled up their sleeves and embedded themselves into what has been a demanding and fast- paced project. I have been endlessly impressed by their enthusiasm, work ethic and thirst for knowledge and experience – not to mention their contribution to the amazing team culture we have built on site.”

Without doubt, ACCIONA’s commitment to its undergrad program has helped sustain the remarkable growth we have experienced over the last few years.

It’s evident that the driving force behind the success of the project is not only our existing team of engineers, but also our talented pool of undergrads.