ACCIONA Energía attended the 8th Annual Energy and Mines Conference in Perth on 7 and 8 May 2024.

Energy and Mines is the leading global information and event media provider for decarbonisation in the mining sector.

‘The Decarbonised Mine’ was the theme of the 8th annual Energy and Mines, May 7-8, which brought together more than 700 mining and decarbonisation experts to benchmark strategies for meeting decarbonisation goals in mining and discuss the challenges for reaching net zero targets.This year’s agenda featured the key topics identified by miners as critical to this stage of the low-carbon transition as well as new interactive formats to enrich networking opportunities and facilitate idea sharing.

ACCIONA Energía sponsored a panel on the topic of ‘Renewable Energy Hubs for Mines', chaired by BHP, on stage were senior representatives of Horizon Power, Northern Star Resources, BP, Energy Policy WA and Jeff Nitsch, General Manager of New Markets of ACCIONA Energía. The panel spoke on decarbonising mining, the challenges they see at this stage of the transition, and what’s needed to enable mine decarbonisation.

Jeff shared his knowledge and insights on how mines can provide a mixed-energy solution for their current energy consumption. "Collaboration is the key to unlocking the opportunity of decarbonising mining," said Jeff Nitsch from ACCIONA Energía.

As Australia’s leading renewable energy developer, ACCIONA Energía remains steadfast in our commitment to decarbonising the future. We will continue to lead by example, fostering collaboration and innovation with industry to decarbonise the economy and create a positive impact on the planet.