The Australian recently published a list of the top 100 people and groups leading the shift to a cleaner and greener future. ACCIONA Energía Managing Director, Brett Wickham, was proud to be included in this top 100 list.

Australia's sustainable future needs game-changing people and groups to lead the way for our nation. Recently, the Australian published a list of their top 100 people and groups leading this change to a green future. The list included climate change advocates, behind-the-scenes dealmakers funding new infrastructure and scientists and entrepreneurs creating innovations assist this path to a greener future. 

Brett Wickham, Managing Director of ACCIONA Energía, was one of the names listed by The Australian.

Brett has been with ACCIONA since 2006, working in different roles and countries. In 2017, he took on the role of Managing Director at ACCIONA Energía. Since then, the business has been growing at an exponential rate, developing new projects, forming new partnerships, signing new Power-Purchase Agreements and attracting new talent. In 2022, the Company will begin construction on one of the largest onshore renewable energy projects in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Brett has directed his team exceptionally over the past 5 years and grown the business to be one of the key players in the Australian renewable energy industry. 

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