ACCIONA Energía has stepped forward to strengthen educational opportunities for First Nations students in Australia. The donation of laptops aims to empower learners from communities and provide them with an opportunity to participate in the digital world.

On Wednesday, January 31, 2024, ACCIONA Energía extended its support by donating a laptop to a First Nations student attending Warwick State High School. Facilitated by Empower Digital, a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing digital literacy, the initiative reached out to Luana Sanders, Senior First Nations Engagement Advisor for assistance. The contribution aims to equip students like Lailah Carne with the necessary tools for academic success.

In collaboration with Deadly Science, another esteemed non-profit organisation, the company donated 10 laptops. Deadly Science specialises in providing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) resources to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners across Australia.

Corey Tutt, the Founder, CEO, and Director of Deadly Science, expressed gratitude for ACCIONA Energía’s support, citing it as a significant aid for First Nations education initiatives. The donated laptops have now found their way to the Kempsey Homework Program, an organisation dedicated to providing essential facilities and supervision for First Nations primary and secondary school students. This program ensures that students can diligently complete their homework and school assignments after regular hours.

The collective efforts of ACCIONA Energía, Empower Digital, and Deadly Science underscore a shared commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable educational opportunities. By addressing this resourcing issue and providing vital resources, these initiatives pave the way for brighter futures for First Nations youth in Australia.

ACCIONA Energía continues to support causes that empower communities and foster their development.