• This week we celebrate a truly outstanding achievement and one that is testament to the dedication and determination of our people.

  • A message from Bede Noonan, CEO of ACCIONA Geotech and Country Manager of ACCIONA's Infrastructure Business in Australia & NZ


We can celebrate because yesterday the Certificate of Completion was received for the Sydney Light Rail project, which certifies that our design, construction, testing and commissioning is finished!

ACCIONA is a proud and experienced company, but this was an extraordinarily challenging project. The true test of character is how you face adversity, and our project team, under the leadership of Elliot, Juan, Alfonso and Javier, have shown true character in overcoming all obstacles and simply never giving up.

The monumental effort and commitment of our entire team and all those supporting them is inspirational. We can be proud that despite all the challenges, we pulled off one of the most complex projects in the country and we did so professionally and respectfully. Together we have helped to create a truly outstanding piece of infrastructure for Sydney, NSW.

This achievement cements our position as a well-respected leading construction and engineering firm and a sought-after partner.

Congratulations to all.

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