Coleman Rail is one of Victoria’s biggest rail infrastructure companies and a strong supporter of the Victorian Government’s $90 million Jobs Victoria employment program.

The company’s Procurement Manager, Aimee Najdovski, has a simple message for Victorian employers who are looking for reliable, competent staff: get on board the Jobs Victoria program.


“We are 100 per cent behind the program. We are working collaboratively with them to satisfy our employment requirements and to provide jobs for people who want to work for us.”

“Jobs Victoria is very proactive in finding and preparing people who fit the bill. The specialised services provided by Jobs Victoria helps our internal recruitment team,” she said.


Coleman Rail first employed 17 engineering cadets under the Major Projects Skills Guarantee program to work on the company’s major rail infrastructure projects. And some of those cadets are still working on major level crossing projects.


The company has now employed five further young jobseekers who experienced barriers to employment, under Jobs Victoria.


It is also finalising plans to employ up to 10 more people under JobsBank, a program under Jobs Victoria, designed to find employment for some of the state’s most disadvantaged jobseekers.


One of the beneficiaries of the program is Chris Barbu, a long-term jobseeker who has found a future at Coleman Rail.


Chris knows how tough life can be especially as someone who has been in prison: “it’s been tough. You apply for jobs but once they do a police check… It’s understandable from their point of view, but how do you better yourself if people don’t give you a second chance?”


That second chance arrived when Chris was referred to JobsBank which organised training and job preparation, and found a willing employer in Coleman Rail.


“I am rapt. This means the world to be honest. It’s so hard for blokes like me to find employment. This is going to put me ahead by a long shot. Jobs Victoria is also getting me a financial advisor so I can spend whatever I make on something worthwhile, like a house. I’m very grateful.”


“None of this would be possible without the endless hours and hard work from Sophie Gordon from JobsBank. And a massive thanks to Coleman Rail for giving me a shot. It means so much to me – a career and a future for myself,” Chris said.


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