• The company will deploy an initial 500 electric motorcycles in Rome, which function on 100% renewable energy
  • This expansion into the Italian capital consolidates the company’s shared mobility service in the country, where it already operates in Milan
  • With now over 10,000 motorcycles, ACCIONA is the world's largest motosharing operator. The service is available in five different Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza), as well as in Lisbon, Milan and Rome

ACCIONA has launched its shared electric motorcycle service in Rome, where the company will deploy an initial fleet of 500 vehicles, which  will be 100% supplied with renewable energy.

With this new launch, ACCIONA consolidates its presence in Italy’s electric shared mobility sector. The company has been providing its service since February in Milan, where it offers 300 motorcycles.

ACCIONA now operates over 10,000 electric shared motorcycles, becoming the world's largest motosharing operator. ACCIONA’s shared electric units are present in five Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza) as well as in Lisbon, Milan and now Rome.

Filippo Maria Brunelleschi, Director of Expansion for ACCIONA's Mobility Service, underlines the importance of the vehicles’ renewable energy supply: "Our scooters are 100% electric and we use renewable energy to recharge them. This means that the more than 10,000 motorcycles we operate throughout eight cities have avoided 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of the amount produced by 100,000 cars in one day".

In line with ACCIONA’s decarbonization commitments, The ACCIONA Mobility APP offers users all kinds of information on the CO2 emissions that they can avoid when choosing to use this service over other conventional modes of transport.

In Rome, ACCIONA’s electric motorcycles can be used throughout the capital’s urban center and metropolitan area, including the adjacent tourist municipalities. All journeys must start and end in the designated areas, which cover the entire historical center, as well as other key areas of the city such as Termini Station, Prati, Garbatella, Ostiense, Pigneto, Monte Sacro and Flaminio.

To contribute to reactivating Rome’s mobility sector in the aftermath of the Covid-19 confinement period, ACCIONA will offer its new motosharing service free of charge, to both inhabitants and visitors, in the city on July 16th. The only requirement to use the service will be to register on the company’s APP and to have a valid driver’s license.

Spanish and Portuguese tourists travelling to Rome can access the service on the same APP as the one used in their countries of origin, meaning they will not need to re-register and can quickly and easily enjoy this mobility alternative during their time in Rome.

The service will be available to users from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Customers can contact ACCIONA's customer service department, available 24/7, to handle queries and any accidents or problems by telephone (800 500 248) or by e-mail (hola@acciona-motosharing.com).

ACCIONA has established a strict hygiene protocol in accordance with all requirements and indications put forward by international health authorities, in order to avoid any risk associated with Covid-19. All ACCIONA’s units are regularly disinfected and equipped with a ready-to-use hygiene kit. This kit contains wet wipes for cleaning contact areas, a hydro-alcoholic hand gel, and disposable inner helmet nets.

Operation and service

ACCIONA’s scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries, which provide a performance equivalent of a 125cc engine. The units have three different driving modes: the standard ("S") mode, allowing speeds of up to 50 km/h for city travel; a custom ("C") mode and an Xtra ("X") mode, which can reach up to 80 and 100 km/h respectively, and are designed for faster roads. Users can alternate between driving modes throughout their journey. The motosharing service is available to anyone who has a valid car or motorcycle license.

The service’s costs vary between €0.29 and €0.40 per minute, depending on the selected driving mode (S, C or X). The final price includes the costs of maintenance, refueling (electricity), vehicle insurance, VAT and customer service availability. Registration is completely free and includes an initial 20 minutes of free driving.

ACCIONA’s mobility service in Rome will also offer driving packages, ranging from 50 and 150 to 300 or 500 minutes. These packages work out cheaper than paying the regular price per minute. Users will be permitted to pause the service in-use for a maximum of 6 hours, during which time the price will be reduced to 0.06 euros per minute for maintaining the reservation. The pause mode can be activated both inside and outside the service's permitted operating area. However, it will be necessary to be located within the APP’s designated area to finalize each trip.