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clean energy solutions to reduce your carbon footprint

ACCIONA Energía invests in continuing relationships through long-term contracts or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). We offer clean energy solutions to corporations who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and help them achieve their sustainability goals. Through these partnerships, we are helping Australia meet local targets and transition to a more sustainable future.  

On a global scale, ACCIONA Energía is increasing the sale of electricity from its portfolio of renewable energy generation to large organisations, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.  The company now has over 500 contracts in place. Customers operate in a wide variety of sectors such as transport, telecommunications, infrastructure, industry, consumer goods and health services. Specifically, they include well-known names such as Google, Unilever, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Bosch. 

We help other companies reduce their carbon footprint by supplying 100% certified renewable energy

Why enter into a PPA?

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their sustainability metrics whilst also reducing the cost of their energy consumption. 

Corporate sustainability and procurement leaders can choose to meet their company's clean energy targets in a variety of ways. Corporate PPA's through sleeved or virtual structures, buy renewable energy certificates or contract a green tariff. 

Our team of experts can help you make the right energy decision to reach your sustainability goals, whilst also helping you to lower your exposure to market volatility and reducing your electricity bill. 

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar have become attractive as it offers many benefits including: 

  • Controlling energy costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Aligning with environmental commitments
  • Reliable power supply from renewable sources
  • Improves company reputation

What option is the best for you? 

1. On-site PPA

  • The renewable project will be developed, built and operated in the client’s property and the energy will be directly “self-consumed”. Any energy surplus not internally consumed will be fed into the grid. 
  • Based on the client’s consumption profile, resource assessment, land availability and local regulation, we will develop behind the meter ad-hoc solutions, directly interconnected to the electrical network. 
  • We will cover the cost of installation and we will also be responsible for operation and maintenance throughout project lifetime. 
    A typical PPA agreement will last approximately 12 years, and may include a variety of structures or renewal options to avoid any balance sheet asset consolidation.

2. Physical/sleeved PPA

  • We supply renewable energy to the customer’s consumption points located in the same power system, through our retailing company. 
  • The action of transferring the electricity through a retailer, hedging the customer’s consumption profile, is known as sleeving. 
  • We aim to be a licensed retailer in all the markets in which we are located. 
  • Guarantees a long-term hedge (typically >10 years), offering the opportunity to have access to large and competitive off-site projects developed in areas with an optimised location and resource.


  • The renewable energy project and the energy user do not need to be in the same location. 
  • The renewable project can "virtually" provide energy to multiple sites which makes it an ideal solution for customers with many load points. 
  • It guarantees long-term hedge (typically>10 years), offering access to a broad and competitive group of projects with significant economies of scale, in high-resource locations. 
  • Contract for Differences (CfD) is the most common structure to settle the differences between PPA strike price and the wholesale market price.



  • Renewable attributes (with diverse names in different markets) can be sold to corporate buyers separately from the physical power (“unbundled”). 
  • Purchasing these certificates from a verified asset can allow the client to claim renewably sourced power (the equivalent in the carbon market when purchasing carbon offsets). 
  • They allow easy alignment with company’s existing energy procurement strategy, additional to existing power supply. 
  • Through our Greenchain system, we offer the customers the possibility of ensuring the traceability of the renewable-sourced energy supply using blockchain technology. 

Most common names for renewable attributes

+500 clients already trust us

By supplying renewable energy, we have contributed to improving the sustainability of more than 500 clients that operate in various sectors such as transportation, telecommunications, infrastructure, industry, distribution, consumer products and health and cultural services.