We take care of the most visible key players in the renewable transformation: the energy infrastructures. Driven by innovation, we do so by pursuing efficiency and cost reduction, both in our own renewable facilities and those of third parties.


ACCIONA develops solutions for the operation and maintenance of clean energy assets with a focus on prevention, safety and innovation. Through this, it optimises its own energy generation and that of its clients, improving processes at each step and working every day to be more efficient.

The company manages the extension of the useful life of renewable facilities through predictive maintenance programmes based on the smart management of big data and of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. These solutions are supported by the latest technologies, which contribute to extending the life of the renewable energy infrastructures we use to fight the climate emergency and maximising production volumes at a lower cost.

We take care of the most visible actors of the renewable transformation: the energy infrastructures.

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Taking care of wind farms

We can ensure the longest useful life of wind power facilities thanks to our experience and innovative capacities. 

We work with technologies such as Gamesa, Vestas, AWP and GE and we focus on the following services in the wind power sector:

  • Preventive maintenance of wind turbines with minimal impact on energy availability
  • Corrective actions to repair failures in assets, guaranteeing the least amount of service time
  • Implementation of major corrective measures. Our professionals have implemented 3,000 major corrective measures
  • Performance of predictive maintenance work to anticipate future failures
  • Blade inspection. Our team is certified by ANETVA to carry out vertical work
  • Final warranty inspection, component repairs, replacements and services, revision of lifts, life lines and meteorological stations, disassembly of turbines and quality audits

Taking care of photovoltaic farms

We operate and maintain solar farms composed of both fixed and mobile panels, as well as other related electric infrastructures. 

The rapid advancement of solar technology requires the same type of evolution in asset efficiency. Our solar energy solutions are:

  • Maintenance: preventive, corrective and predictive
  • Retrofits of equipment
  • Final warranty inspection
  • Operation
  • Component repair (reducers)
  • Service quality audits

Conserving high voltage

We maintain 85 substations, more than 3,000 transformer centres and underground and overhead lines, and offer engineering and substation commissioning services, minimising response times and always complying with safety regulations. 

Our high voltage facility services:

  • Maintenance: preventive, corrective, predictive and major corrections of transformers connected to lines of up to 400 kV
  • Final warranty inspection
  • Replacements and services
  • Service quality audits