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    Jávea Desalination Plant

    Behind the Jávea desalination plant lies another success story for ACCIONA's Water division. It is a significant engineering and construction effort, resulting from years of hard work and development, which the inhabitants of the town had been awaiting for many years.

    A few weeks after the plant was commissioned in 2002, the people of Jávea were enjoying quality tap water. Neighbours, tourists, hoteliers and shop owners all gained in terms of progress, ease of mind and comfort. Gone are the years of disruptions to supply, and troubles with salty water or red earth-coloured water in pipes, swimming pools and irrigation systems, which would occur in summertime.

    Also gone are the line-ups to collect water in the water containers distributed throughout town, tarnishing it with an image of scarcity that was not becoming of a 21st century city.

    General Information

    Jávea, Alicante, Spain
    26,000 m3/d
    Reverse osmosis
    Contract type
    EPC and O&M
    End use of water
    Human consumption
    185,000 inhabitants

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