Removing Dangerous and Congested Level Crossings

The Southern Program Alliance is one of five alliances contracted by Victorian Government to remove 75 of Melbourne’s most dangerous and congested level crossings by 2025.
ACCIONA and Coleman Rail along with Alliance partners, Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Trains Melbourne, and WSP are bringing design and construction excellence to infrastructure along Melbourne’s Frankston and Hurstbridge lines. 


  • Location: South-eastern Melbourne suburbs along the Frankston rail line and north-eastern Melbourne along the Hurstbridge Line.
  • Contract type: Alliance comprising Level Crossing Removal Project, ACCIONA, Coleman Rail, Metro Trains Melbourne, and WSP.
  • Year of project completion: 
    • IWP  (Carrum, Seaford and Kananook Stabling Yard) - 2020.
    • AWP1 (Cheltenham and Mentone) - 2020.
    • AWP2 (Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach) - 2022.
    • AWP3 (Hurstbridge Line Duplication Stage 2) - 2022.
    • AWP4 (Glen Huntly) - 2024.
  • Project value: $2.9 billion.


Initial Works Package

The Initial Works Package, awarded to SPA in late 2017, is located on the Frankston line in Melbourne’s south.

The project scope included:

  • Removing four level crossings in Carrum and Seaford
  • Building a new elevated Carrum Station
  • Constructing a road bridge connecting Station Street across Patterson River
  • Constructing the new Kananook Train Storage Facility in Seaford
  • Opening new community spaces and shared-use paths

The Initial Works Package transformed the communities of Carrum and Seaford. By removing four dangerous and congested level crossings, building a new Carrum Station, and opening new community spaces, the project helped revitalise the local areas and made it safer and easier to access public transport, local shops and the beach.

In 2018 the project opened the Karrum Karrum road bridge connecting Station Street over Patterson River and removed the level crossing at Seaford Road by constructing a hybrid rail bridge/lowered road.

In early-2020 the new, elevated Carrum Station opened following the construction of a 900-metre rail bridge, removal of level crossings at Mascot Avenue, Station Street, and Eel Race Road; and opening the new McLeod Road intersection connecting Station Street to Nepean Highway. The new Kananook Train Stabling Yard was also opened in May 2020.

New community spaces opened in mid-2020 onwards including the new foreshore area in October 2020 which includes a kiosk, BBQ facilities, a water playground, public toilets, and direct access to the beach. 

Indigenous design was incorporated into the project including the design of an urban marker and yarning circle as well as artwork at Seaford Road and Eel Race Road underpass. Design and delivery also incorporated sustainability with a ‘5 Star’ design outcome under the Green Star rating tool for Carrum Station, 6000 tonnes of recycled ballast, and the use of materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Additional works Package 1. Removal of three level crossings in Mentone and Cheltenham

SPA was awarded the Additional Works Package 1 in late 2019 to remove three level crossings in Mentone and Cheltenham.

The project scope included:

  • Removing level crossings at Park Road and CharmanRoad in Cheltenham; and at Balcombe Road in Mentone, by redirecting trains into two rail trenches 
  • Building new, modern stations at Cheltenham and Mentone
  • Upgrading the surrounding station precincts, including a Mentone Station Heritage Deck and Gardens; multilevel carpark in Cheltenham; and a 3.5 kilometre shared-use path between Mentone and Cheltenham.

The Additional Works Package 1 transformed the communities of Cheltenham and Mentone. By removing three dangerous and congested level crossings, building two new stations, and revitalising the area with open spaces and shared-use paths, the project helped remove barriers and reunite local residents living either side of the railway line. People can now safely and easily cross the line to take children to schools, visit each other, support local cafes and businesses, and enjoy new, convivial open spaces.

The two-month construction blitz (May to late-July 2020) involved 24/7 works and 1,700 workers who excavated 200,000 cubic metres of soil, built two kilometres of rail trenches, and two new stations. The work during COVID-19 lockdowns, included temperature testing, mandatory masks, and social distancing.

Design and delivery incorporated sustainability initiatives including the use of recycled building materials, tree transplantation, installation of solar panels on the stations, decreasing potable water use by 80% and energy use by 35%, and protecting heritage buildings and gardens. Local community groups contributed ideas and support for Mentone Station’s new heritage deck and garden, and the project collaborated with local Indigenous communities and artists to incorporate Indigenous design elements in the new station precincts.

By July 2020, Park Road, Charman Road, and Balcombe Road were boom gate-free, improving vehicle and pedestrian safety. Trains returned to the Frankston Line ahead of schedule when the new Mentone Station opened on 20 July, followed by Cheltenham Station on 16 August.

The new Mentone Station Heritage Deck and Gardens opened for public enjoyment in December 2020 and the new four-storey multilevel carpark at Cheltenham will open in mid-2021.

Additional works PACKAGE 2. removal of five level crossings in Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach

SPA was awarded the Additional Works Package 2 in late 2019 to remove five level crossings in Edithvale, Chelsea and Bonbeach.

The project scope includes:

  • Removing level crossings at Edithvale Road in Edithvale; Swanpool Avenue, Chelsea Road, and Argyle Avenue in Chelsea; and Bondi Road in Bonbeach by lowering the line into three rail trenches
  • Building new, modern Edithvale, Chelsea, and Bonbeach stations
  • Upgrading the surrounding station precincts including landscaping, new open spaces and parking, a shared-use path as part of more than 11 kilometres of new paths from Edithvale to Frankston, and a pedestrian bridge at Chelsea Station.

Early works began in early 2020 and piling along the rail corridor commenced in late 2020. Major construction will begin in mid-2021 when Edithvale, Chelsea, and Bonbeach stations are closed and demolished. Construction of the rail trenches, three new stations, and road bridges will begin in the second half of 2021. All five level crossings will be gone, and the three stations will open at the end of 2021. Finishing touches will continue into early 2022 including completion of the shared-use path connecting Frankston to Edithvale.


Additional works PACKAGE 3. Works stretching along the Hurstbridge and Mernda lines in Melbourne’s north

The Additional Works Package 3 was awarded to SPA in February 2021 and involves major works stretching along the Hurstbridge and Mernda lines in Melbourne’s north. It marks the first package of works awarded to SPA away from the Frankston Line.

The project scope includes:

  • Duplicating two sections of track from Greensborough to Montmorency and Diamond Creek to Wattle Glen on the Hurstbridge Line
  • Building new, modern stations at Greensborough and Montmorency
  • Upgrading track and signalling infrastructure including two new rail bridges, two new substations, signalling and power improvements

Works began in early 2021 including vegetation removal, delineation fencing, CSR works, and piling around Greensborough Station.

Additional works PACKAGE 4. Removal of two level crossings in Glen Huntly

SPA was awarded the Additional Works Package 4 in April 2021 to remove two level crossings in Glen Huntly.

The project scope includes:

  • Removing two level crossings at Glen Huntly Road and Neerim Road.
  • Building a new, modern Glenhuntly Station
  • Constructing a new pedestrian and cycle path connecting Ormond and Caulfield

Early works will begin in late 2021 with major works set to start in 2022. The level crossings will be gone in 2023 and the project completed in 2024.

Additional Works Package 5. Upgrading fire systems in the MURL

SPA was awarded the contract to upgrade the fire systems in the Melbourne Under Ground Rail Loop in February 2022.

The project scope includes:

  • Installing modern smoke detection, extraction, and sprinkler systems at Parliament, Melbourne Central, and Flagstaff stations
  • Creating new maintenance access stairs
  • Carrying out electrical works and building services works
  • Upgrading platforms and concourses including installing new baffles and lighting

On-site construction began in mid-2022 and with construction completion in mid-2023 and commissioning of the project in late-2023.

Additional Works Package 6. Removal of 2 level crossing and build a new elevated rail station in Parkdale

SPA was awarded the additional works package in October 2022 to remove two level crossings and build a new elevated Rail Station.

The project scope includes:

  • Removal of two level crossings at Parkers and Warrigal Roads
  • Construction of the new, elevated Parkdale Station
  • Two MCGs worth of community open space including a shared-use path, recreational facilities, and car parking

The Parkdale project will commence in early 2023 and is set to be completed by 2025.

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