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    Kwinana Waste to Energy Plant

    The Kwinana Waste to Energy facility will be the first of its kind in Australia, integrating the recovery and reuse of waste with the generation of energy to provide a practical solution to two community challenges: waste disposal and renewable energy supply.

    The facility will contribute to landfill reduction by processing 400,000 tonnes of waste every year, equivalent to one quarter of Perth’s post-recycling rubbish. This processing will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 400,000 tonnes annually.

    The facility will also generate and export 36MW of green electricity to the local grid every year, sufficient to power more than 50,000 households.


    General information

    Location: Kwinana Industrial Area 40km south of Perth, WA

     Contract Type: ACCIONA will engineer, procure and construct the facility, with the 36-month construction period commencing in October.

    Completion date: Operations and maintenance of the facility will commence by the end of 2021.

    Operation and Maintenance: Veolia will operate and maintain the facility under a 25-year agreement.

    Project Value: $698 million

    Key Features

    •         New method of managing waste over the long term
    •         Waste that would otherwise go to landfill is converted into energy, reducing carbon dioxide
              emissions and improving the stability of the grid
    •         The facility will be able to process 400,000 tonnes of household, commercial and industrial
              residual waste per year


    •         More than 800 jobs created during construction
    •         More than 60 full-time positions once the facility is operational
    •         Avoids harmful methane emissions
    •         Reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions

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