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    Américo Vespucio Sur Ring Road

    The road includes four urban junctions and connections with the interstate highways, and consists of two carriageways with five lanes each, of which three are express lanes and two are for local traffic; it also has 15 free-flowing toll points.

    Project Finance magazine awarded the highway the “Latin American Transport Deal of the Year 2004” award because it was the first time that the Chilean government applied income distribution to a concession and that a bank co-financed a toll road along with investors in Chilean bonds.

    The advantages of this system include: traffic flow along the highway under concession, as well as on the roads not under concession in the area; users can drive along any highway under concession in Santiago or intercity thoroughfares that have this system, using a single tag; a significant reduction in pollution levels, compared to traditional traffic systems.

    General Information

    Santiago de Chile, Chile
    Contract type
    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance
    25 kilometres of divided highway with 5 lanes, including four urban junctions and connections to interstate highways
    Year of project completion

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