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    Southern Program Alliance (SPA)

    Coleman Rail will bring design and construction excellence to the project in partnership with the Level Crossing Removal Authority, Metro Trains Melbourne, Lendlease and WSP.


    The local community will benefit from the removal of several level crossings in Carrum and Seaford, and construction of a new train stabling facility at Kananook.

    In Carrum, the completion of the initial works package will reconfigure the local road network, including the construction of a new bridge across Patterson River, provide a modern new Carrum train station and revitalise Carrum village.

    Seaford will also benefit from revitalisations of RF Miles Reserve and improvements for walking and cycling.

    These projects will provide safer separation of trains from traffic, reduce congestion, and improve access to houses, shops and the foreshore.

    Recently SPA was awarded the contract for and Additional Work s Package (AWP) removal of the level crossings at Park and Charman Roads Cheltenham and Balcombe Road Mentone.



    Current Status

    In late 2018 the level crossing at Seaford Road was removed and the bridge across the Patterson River, the Karrum Karrum Bridge was opened to traffic. Works are continuing on the pedestrian bridge ramps to river which will be completed in the first half of 2019.

    Early works have begun in Carrum to start the removal of three level crossings and a new station and village promenade.


    General information

    Location: south-eastern Melbourne suburbs surrounding the Frankston rail line

    Contract Type: design and construct JV partnership with Level Crossing Removal
    Authority, Metro Trains Melbourne, Lendlease and WSP.

    Completion date: IWP 2020

    Project Value: IWP $588 million AWP $536


    • New Carrum Train Station which will revitalise Carrum village and a new promenade with access to the beach
    • Seaford will benefit from revitalisation of RF Miles Reserve and improvements for walking an cycling
    • Safer separation of trains from traffic
    • Reduce congestion
    • Improve access to houses, shops and foreshore

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