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    Can Misses Hospital, Balearic Islands

    The new hospital includes 241 beds and 12 operating rooms. The total area is 78,085 m², 37,500 m² of which will be taken up by the existing hospital. The area that is expanded is approximately 46,400 m², 20,600 m² of which are added for parking spaces.

    Non-clinical services are offered by the concessionaire, such as a restaurant, laundry, logistics and others. The hospital is currently operational.

    The concession for 32 years includes the design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance of the New Can Misses Hospital, and two new health centres.

    General Information

    Balearic Islands, Spain
    Contract type
    Construction of two new health centres. The total area will be 78,085 m², 37,500 m² of which will be taken up by the existing hospital. The area to be expanded is approximately 46,400 m²
    Year of project completion

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