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    Acciona Agua Australia is the proud process delivery contractor for the project of Unitywater’s Kawana Sewage Treatment Plant and responsible in collaboration with Monadelphous, for the design, construction and maintenance of the AU$56M sewage treatment facility.

    Unitywater’s Kawana Sewage Treatment Plant is located in Warana, Queensland serving multiple populations in the region such as Minyama, and Parrearra. The sewage plant was commissioned in 1981 and has had upgrades in 1991, 1997, 2005, and 2013.

    The treatment capacity of the existing plant is equivalent to 90,000 of the population, which needs to be initially increased to service a population equivalent to 150,000 persons, the result of anticipated Sunshine Coast population growth and the consolidation of existing smaller wastewater treatment facilities.


    • Location: Warana, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    • Our role: To develop upgrades through Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MMBR) in order to effectively and efficiently enhance production and utilisation of waste water sustainably

    • Infrastructure: Unitywater’s Kawana Sewage Treatment Plant

    • Project Value: This project is valued at AU$56 million

    • Estimated completion date: Start of construction April 2017, with an estimate operation date in late 2018

    • Maintenance Period: 12 months evaluation period


    Acciona Agua Australia will be the process delivery contractor for the project with design, construction, and maintenance of the Kawana Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade.

    • Current treatment capacity of 90,000 PE (population equivalent)

    • Increase treatment capacity to 200,000 PE (150,000 PE specified)

    • 24 months to design and construct

    • Estimated in-service date is late 2018



    • The treatment process of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) will be introduced which is designed in order for micro-organisms to grow which optimise capacity in quantity and quality of the water and is highly cost efficient.

    • Due to the innovative nature of the MBBR process, the proposal submitted increased the treatment capacity from the specified 150,000 PE to 200,000 PE, without any significant CAPEX cost increase.

    • This project will enhance the utilisation of by-products from wastewater through sustainably promoting co-digestion and generation of methane gas in order to generate electricity to offset the plants power requirements and thus reducing its carbon footprint.



    Acciona Agua Australia has recently, in collaboration with Monadelphous, won the bid for the Kawana Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade project through Unitywater. The design and construction of the project will take an estimated 24 months which will be followed by a 12 months operational evaluation period. The project is currently underway.

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