Equivalent households

diversified income

The Berrimal Wind Farm is proposed for a site 19km west of Wedderburn in the Buloke Shire of north Western Victoria.


  • Location: Approximately 16 km west of Wedderburn and 19 km south of Charlton, within the Buloke Shire.
  • Project Configuration: Up to 24 turbines
  • Expected capacity: 72 MW
  • Energy production: Equivalent to 36,000 households
  • Project value: A$150M 


  • The project will provide substantial additional economic focus in the shire, independent of, but complimentary to, ongoing agricultural activities.

  • Generate a construction peak workforce of 80 - 100 construction jobs.

  • Provide 5-10 ongoing full time positions on site.

  • Provide a diversified income for host landowners.

  • Provide a substantial increase in the Buloke Shire's rates base.

  • Result in the establishment of a Shared Benefits Program to strategically deliver added value to the local region over the lifecycle of the project.

  • Clean energy equivalent to the consumption of around 36,000 homes annually.