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Communicating sustainability via the Web


ACCIONA has launched a new microsite, "Sustainability for all" - - an information point and meeting space to promote sustainability.

ACCIONA's new Internet microsite "Sustainability for all" - - spells out the challenges facing sustainability and offers a public space for dialogue on how to combine economic and social development at the same time as conserving natural resources.

The site - which can be accessed via - is made up of four main sections:

  • Learn more - general information on subjects related to sustainability.
  • What about tomorrow - what will happen in the future if we do not find a solution to today's problems.
  • Save now or never - advice to achieve greater efficiency and savings when using resources from our environment.
  • How it works - explanation of elements related to sustainability and how they function.

Each section will soon be offering training as well as state-of-the-art information, presented in a simple, accessible and practical tone and format. It will always focus on inspiring reflection about how we want to live in the future, the limits on natural resources and medium and long term alternatives that offer hope for resolving the great challenges thrown up by social progress. Social networks and tools will be used to disseminate contents to the broadest audience.

This initiative is borne out of ACCIONA's desire for a business model that will anticipate and manage responsibly the risks and challenges resulting from sustainable development. The aim is to contribute to satisfying the needs of present and future generations. The model will seek to include awareness-raising and further diffusion with a view to implicating all of society.

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