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Deakin University and ACCIONA Energía have partnered to enter a solar-powered vehicle in the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a 3000 km race from Darwin to Adelaide. The ASCEND Solar Car Team is proud to be the first Victorian team to complete in more than decade. Students from Deakin University with the help of academics and industry support from ACCIONA Energía have designed and built a vehicle that will race in the ‘Cruiser Class’ division at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on the 22nd October.

  • The solar car project involved about 1,000 students from 4 different schools within Deakin, across three campuses. The students are involved in the project through investigating all facets from design to weather patterns, logistics, marketing, user experiences and the future of mobility. As a world leader in renewable energy, ACCIONA Energía is excited to be partnering with Deakin to promote innovation, education and engineering. The partnership will deliver a winning combination. Leveraging and building on Geelong's rich automotive heritage, Deakin will add breakthrough technologies to deliver a world-class vehicle in this advanced manufacturing era.

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