Raising awareness of climate change and water pollution


Inspiring and encouraging diversity


Supporting a healthy community


ACCIONA has partnered with Surfing Australia, a perfect fit for the brand in Australia, given the synergies between the two companies. Surfing Australia reaches beyond the competitive side of the sport and aims to build a healthier and happier Australia by enriching communities through surfing. With a similar ‘healthier and happier’ philosophy, ACCIONA’s vision is to achieve sustainable development in all our business areas, so that the generations of today and the future will live better.

Our Feeling Swell program welcomes people in all aspects of life – of any age and any ability – to share the natural world, especially the ocean. Alongside Surfing Australia, we’ll help keep our beaches and oceans clean for generations of Australians to come. We’ll find ways to support surfers – and our own staff – through unique programs that are sustainable and positive.

There are three key pillars to our partnership:

Female Participation

We’re very proud to have World Tour surfer Isabella Nichols as our ambassador, given her passion for the environment and the fact that she’s an engineering student at Deakin. Isabella helps us tell the story of our partnership, and motivates, inspires, and empowers surfers, and especially women.

To reinforce this pillar, we host a series of Women & Girls workshops, to help ‘Engineer Confidence’ and encourage careers in STEM, and to explore the myriad opportunities in the construction engineering industry for females.

This is very much aligned to our women in construction initiatives, and our drive to increase the numbers of women in our industry.

The Environment and Sustainability

Like ACCIONA, Surfing Australia understands the importance of looking after our natural assets. For us, it’s deeply aligned with our contribution towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

We have ACCIONA Recycling Stations at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre in Casuarina, as well as the state qualifying rounds and national final of the Australian Boardriders Battle (ABB). Proceeds will go towards Surfrider Foundation Australia, a not for profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education.

We also host a series of beach cleans with our staff and the community after numerous events. It’s a great opportunity to do something effective and highly visible in partnership with Surfing Australia, out there amongst the surfing community.

Health and Engagement

Our Feeling Swell program is designed to create a mentally healthy community through wellbeing promotion, support, and skills. This extends to the health of our own people, and one of our initiatives in this space is our national surf days, where ACCIONA and Surfing Australia run learn to surf days for staff and their families.

They’re great fun occasions where staff and their families can experience the health benefits of being in the ocean while sharing quality time together. Each surf day will include an ACCIONA-led beach clean after the surf lessons.

So get in, on or around our beaches and oceans, and help us share the stoke!

“My partnership with ACCIONA has been one of the most rewarding and authentic relationships I’ve had with a company. They align with my values and have given me so many opportunities to grow in a field outside of surfing. Surfing will really benefit by being aligned with a such a forward-thinking company, with so many environmental benefits coming from the partnership. The team at ACCIONA are great humans who are forward-thinking and super inclusive.” - Isabella Nichols, ACCIONA ambassador.