Raising awareness of climate change and water pollution as well as inpiring and encouraging diversity and supporting a healthy community.

ACCIONA has partnered with Surfing Australia, a perfect fit for the brand in Australia, given the synergies between the two companies. The objective is to join forces to protect the environment and encourage a healthy ocean with the ultimate goal to fight climate change.

The ACCIONA ‘Feeling Swell’ Program will activate and anchor the partnership with a purpose of creating communities that are physically active, environmentally proactive and inclusive.

Together they will raise awareness of climate change and water pollution, inspire and encourage diversity, and support Surfing Australia to become an emission-free organisation. ACCIONA is particularly excited to be hosting a series of tailored events and programs designed to 'Engineer Confidence' in women and girls of all ages, promoting careers in STEM. The workshops discuss ways to educate, nurture and develop skills to build confidence in young women. 

We are also extremely proud to have Isabella Nichols (2020 World Surf League Women's World Tour Rookie and Engineering Student) as ACCIONA's ambassador. 

“My partnership with ACCIONA has been one of the most rewarding and authentic relationships I’ve had with a company. They align with my values and have given me so many opportunities to grow in a field outside of surfing. Surfing will really benefit by being aligned with a such a forward-thinking company, with so many environmental benefits coming from the partnership. The team at ACCIONA are great humans who are forward-thinking and super inclusive.” - Isabella Nichols, ACCIONA ambassador.