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IMS Policy

Statement of the Integrated Management System Policy

ACCIONA INFRASTRUCTURE PTY LTD, is aware that management of Occupational Health and Safety concerns all personnel working in the organisation, and that Quality and Environmental protection should be differentiating and recognisable factors, adopts a Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the Company objectives and focused on SUSTAINABILITY and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT  of our activities.

Our Integrated Management approach is inflicted on our Project Management as an indispensable requirement to assure consistent results throughout all our activity, taking into account the economic, environmental, legislative and social aspects with a permanent vision of improvement and optimisation of processes.

This focus begins as fundamental values of social responsibility, health, physical integrity and respect of persons, teamwork, elimination of all activity that does not contribute to real added value (such as costs due to poor quality), care of the environment, active participation of workers and application of the best techniques and preventive strategies at each time in accordance with legal requirements, and is more specifically stated through the following commitments:


  • Commitment by the Management and the entire organization, for the Quality of their own work.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes in relation to environmental and OH&S hazards, with a focus on continuous improvement in managing these matters throughout all of ACCIONA INFRASTRUCTURE activities
  •  Commitment to promote the culture of integrated management of quality, environmental care and OH&S throughout the entire organisation for our activities, as well as those of our subcontractors, in order to achieve constant and significant prevention of injury and ill health, and any negative impacts our activity could cause on the environment.
  • Priority of Quality in the execution of the works and services, understood as meeting client requirements, eliminating costs that have no added value, and applying any necessary measures in order to minimise and correct any negative impacts caused on the environment by our activities.
  • Management aimed at early prevention in order to avoid having to make later corrections.
  • Ongoing induction and training of personnel to provide an adequate framework of knowledge and responsibility related to OH&S hazards and conservation of the environment.
  • Continual updating and improvement of internal management procedures and construction processes, seeking for innovative solutions and sharing of knowledge in order to improve the commitment we have with quality, respect for the environment, prevention of injury and ill health and prevention of pollution.
  • Application and updating of the Management System integrating the economic, technical, environmental and OHS aspects, and in general, everything that makes a contribution to QUALITY.
  • Promotion internal and external communication, as well as the participation of workers in order to involve them in relevant aspects related to the Management System.

This policy shall be communicated to all levels of the organisation, either directly and/or by publishing it in appropriate places including the Intranet, website and notice boards.

The IMS Policy constitutes an important part of Employees’ induction training and if required can also be used as part of the Sub-Contractors’ induction process.

In order to implement this Policy, Annual Improvement Objectives are established by the Management Committee, basing on the proposals made by different departments in the Company, and transmitted throughout the organisation by the System Manager.

In order to comply with the IMS Policy, the following considerations shall be taken into account:

  • Work must be planned beforehand, considering all economical, technical, term, quality, environmental and OH&S aspects, etc. in order to assure general knowledge of what is required and how it is to be carried out.
  • Processes will be duly documented, for general knowledge and implementation by all the personnel, and the values obtained through associated Key Performance Indicators will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure their targets are adequate to fulfil the Company Objectives.
  • Work will be carried out according to the established planning and correct documentation of their follow up will be kept.
  • All personnel is responsible for participating in the implementation of the system, by identifying and proposing possible improvements according to the Company Objectives, our Client’s needs and general social expectations towards environmental and safety performance.

Fernando Fajardo                                                                                 

Managing Director                                                                                
ACCIONA Infrastructure Australia                                                              

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