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Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm is a joint venture between ACCIONA Energía and EnergyAustralia, with both companies holding 50% equity. Asset management services are provided by ACCIONA.


  • Construction start: July 2004
  • Construction completed: February 2007
  • Project configuration: 32 x Vestas 2 MW wind turbine generators
  • Grid connection: Connected to Electranet's 132kV Lower Eyre Peninsula Transmission Network
  • COemission benefit: Approximately 150,000 tonnes per annum
  • Project value: A$160M
  • Location: Near the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, approximately 30 km south-west of Port Lincoln


  • Diversified income for host landowners
  • Generated a peak construction workforce of 85 manufacturing and installation jobs
  • Provides a number of ongoing full-time positions on site for the life of the project (approx 20+ years)
  • Protected and conserved over 2,300 hectares of native vegetation at the site under a heritage agreement
  • Environmental Management Plan involves eradication of weeds, foxes and feral cats
  • Clean energy equivalent to the consumption of around 35,000 homes annually.


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