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    Mugardos LNG Storage Tanks

    Several types of work were required: construction, industrial construction, civil works, marine works and ground stabilization.

    Construction of twin tanks with a unit storage capacity of 150,000 m3. In addition, all foundations and structures for the processes of the plant were constructed. These include the unloading facilities for the gas tankers, the network outlet for the gas, as well as the urbanization, drainage networks and treatment of contaminated water.

    Six buildings were constructed for the control of the plant: the control building, an administrative building, an unloading control building, a truck loading control building, security, and a fire station. There are also three other buildings: the primary and secondary substations, and a warehouse with a workshop.

    Because the plant is located on an embankment on the coast, next to a cliff area, land stabilization work was required.

    General Information

    A Coruña, Spain
    Contract type
    Construction - Civil Works
    Year of project completion

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