Legacy Way

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ACCIONA Infrastructure is the lead partner of the Transcity Joint Venture, for the design, construction, operate and 10 year maintainence of the $1.5 billion Legacy Way project (formerly Northern Link), in Brisbane, Queensland.

Fernando Fajardo, ACCIONA Infrastructure Executive Director, leads as Legacy Way's Project Director. In conjunction with joint venture partners BMD Constructions and Ghella, ACCIONA is responsible for constructing the landmark project, which is a key initiative of Brisbane City Council's Transport Master Plan, "Transport for Brisbane."

Key Details

Legacy Way is the 4.6km road tunnel that will connect the Western Freeway at Toowong with the Inner City Bypass at Kelvin Grove. The project design minimises impacts on motorists, public transport services and active transport users, private vehicles and pedestrians in the area. It also integrates the project into the city, with urban designs aimed at preserving and enhancing the importance of adjacent areas, including the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Legacy Way will provide a direct, high-speed link between the residential growth areas to the west of Brisbane, and the airport, in Brisbane’s east. Legacy Way is a vital component of Brisbane City Council’s TransApex transport plan, aimed at reducing inner-city congestion.

Construction Requires:

  • two tunnel boring machines, each more than 100m in length and featuring a 12.4m circular rotating cutter head
  • removal of over 1 million cubic metres of spoil (rock and dirt) from tunnel
  • more than 1,200 concrete piles
  • 75,000 square metres of asphalt in the tunnels


Current Status
The two Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) called Annabell and Joyce have reach their destination at the eastern connection in Kelvin Grove. Annabell’s 4.26 km journey took place over 9 months and 10 days, excavating 842 metres in her best month and 48 metres on her best day! Joyce was the second TBM to be launched and covered 4.27km of the westbound portal in a record 6 months and 9 days, unearthing 858 metres in the best month and 49.68 on the best day. Joyce’s performance represents new records in TBM production achieving the most distance covered in a day (48.68m), a week (253.8m) and a month (858.1m).

The next stage of delivery involves the Fit Out and Mechanical and Electrical works into the tunnel. The main activities for the fit out will be the backfill of the tunnels, concrete of conduits, culverts and slabs for the smoke duct, concrete pavement and installation of concrete safety barriers. In parallel, all mechanical, electrical and fire safety wiring (ventilation fans, dumpers, lighting, tunnel substation electrical fit out, sprinklers, etc.) will be installed throughout 2014.


Project Snapshot
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Expected completion date: 2015
Project value: AU$1.5 billion